With a view to reinforcing the country's commercial fleet, to influencing the volume of international marine trade, to competing with other companies, and to yielding suitable profit for an expansion in the fleet, Bonyad Shipping Company has started a path full of ups and downs, and, by employing marine technology, it has appeared on the marine scene more effectively every year. On the other hand, the world's economic perspective is growing and blossoming,

and it is witnessing an increase in the volume of international exchanges and trade. As a consequence, it is essential that transport activities should be in harmony with the world's entire economy and, as a sector, which must meet the requirements arising from a growth in the national economy all their related branches need to grow, expand and develop. The relevant dimensions have already been identified in Bonyad Shipping Company, and effective steps aiming at achieving interests have been taken, so that Bonyad Transport will Experience no shortage in the role, which the said growth will play in the national economy.

Our Vision: Your trustful and flexible partner global shipping practice

- "Attraction of customers" is one of the most important objectives of BOSCO which has put "the rendering of regular transport services" and "the meeting of world standards and qualities" at the top of its program with a view to winning customers' and goods owners' satisfaction;
- A development in the marine fleet has been one of the company's major policies and objectives. In order to achieve this, the employment of experienced and qualified navigators and personnel for the shipping fleet has been among the Company's long-term objectives.