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- "Attraction of customers" is one of the most important objectives of BOSCO

which has put "the rendering of regular transport services" and "the meeting

of world standards and qualities" at the top of its program with a view to winning customers' and goods owners' satisfaction ;

A development in the marine fleet has been one of the company's major policies and objectives. In order to achieve this, the employment of experienced and qualified navigators and personnel for the shipping fleet has been among the Company's long-term objectives.

Managing Director's Message  


In the name of God Who Has Put Seas under Control of Human beings

In the Year 1382 (21 March , 2003 - 19 March, 2004), the sudden increase in iron ore imports from China resulted in an increase in freight charges by Cape size ships and was followed by the putting into use, of Panamax ships in transport capcities for all sea consignments. The simultaneous goods within the past few years also overshadowed this market. It can therefore be said that the year 2003 was a year full of ups for ship -owners.In spite of these changes, the timely decision and policies made by the Board of Directors of Bonyad Shipping Company and generous endearours made by all my colleagues under the auspices of Allah turned Last year into a successful year. A 100% increase in the weight of the goods shipped by ships owned and chartered by the Company for Long terms, on the one hand, and the chartering of the ship at the Company’s service on the other resulted in a considerable increase in the Company’s revenue and profit.It is hoped that, by relying on Almighty God, the year 1383 (10 March, 2004-20 March, 2005) will also be a fruitful year full of success for this Company and for all those engaged in sea transport .