Bonyad Shipping Company was established as BOSCO in the world and in international markets.Since its establishment, BOSCO has witnessed a considerable growth as one of the major leaders of the country’s sea transport. By managing the ships owned and chartered by it, the Company has embarked on transporting consignment in bulk, dry, and liquid forms as well as in bags all over the world, and has transported project and general goods by regular lines (liners) from Northern and Southern Europe to the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea ports and vice versa.

Under the support of ports and Shipping Organizaton and Khuzestan Steel Company, BOSCO has for the first time and on its unique initiative embarked on transporting iron ore products of Khuzestan Steel Company By Cape size Ships with a Capacity of about 150000 tons they putting to use of Transport Ships for unloading this ships by the side of Getties and by using the Double banking method has been a unique operation which has resulted in considerable foreign exchange savings and which has been in the interests for the Country's steel industries. By taking advantage of the capabilities of active Bonyad Transport Holding Companies in road rail and related services fields,

this Shipping Company is able to transport goods on a door to door basis from all parts of the world and vice versa.